Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Speeding Up Windows 7

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Speeding Up Windows 7

Windows 7 has been designed for increased speed. Main attention is drawn by the designers to make Windows 7 faster than other OS and according to Microsoft Windows 7 is quite faster than Vista.

Here are a few tips that will help you bend Windows 7 to your will.

1. Disable Search Indexing Functionality

Many Windows 7 users perform fewer queries on their system. Indexing Service available in Windows 7 helps in keeping track of files so they could be easily found when asked some another time. This functionality is useful if you often search your system, so disabling this feature will surely add on to your system’s performance.

1. Right Click on the ’My computer’ and select the ‘Manage’ option.
2. Then Click on ‘Services & Applications’ option from the ‘Computer Management’.
3. Click on the ‘Services’ now.
4. Look something like “Windows Search” in the long list that appears in front of you.
5. Then right Click the “Windows Search” option in the list & select “Properties”.
6. The “Windows Search” Properties Window will be in front of you now. From “Startup type” select the“Disabled” from drop down menu.
7. Select “Apply” then click on “OK” and your systems Search Indexing Functionality is disabled.

2. Disabling the Aero Theme on Windows 7

If you do not want an amateur and attractive look and love to sacrifice that for performance, then disable the Aero experience in Windows 7. This method establishes a defiant performance of Windows 7. You can save display card workload and physical memory for the program by disabling Aero.

1. Click on “start” and select” control panel” and then on “appearance and personalization”, under this you select an option of” Window Color “.
2.” Enable Transparency” should be uncheck here after that select the option” Open classic appearance properties for more color options”.
3. Then a small window will come up on the main window. Select a Basic or Standard theme from it.

3. Manage Power Plan For Best Performance

Power management in Windows 7 is not by default the best possible performance. The default power plan setup for Windows 7 is balanced system for energy efficiency. So you can’t get the best performance for Windows 7 if it is. So we should alter the power plan of windows 7 to upgrade Performance Mode.

1. Open up the” Power Options” from Control panel by double clicking on it.
2. Expand “Show Additional Plans” to select “High Performance” plan.
3. now to select the” High Performance” plan click on apply button and that’s it.

4. Disk Defragmentation

Defragmentation improves the process time for every case by the management of open space & organizes files location on disk. It is advisable to run the defragmentation feature very often, especially when you are left with very less space and heavy data. I suggest after removing unnecessary files and running disc cleaning disc you should go for defragmentation.

Right click on each disk and select the properties option, then select the defragmentation option under the tools and click on the start. Your disk fragmentation will start.

5. Windows 7 Sidebar Should Be Disabled

Disabling the Sidebar of window 7 is certainly helping you to get a few second during startup. There are available thousands of utilities like Rocket Dock etc which are known for best application launching.

1 Select the” Properties “by right clicking on the sidebar.
2. Uncheck the box resembling “Start sidebar when Window starts“

6. Disable Some Visual Effects In Windows 7

Again, if you’re not an amateur aspect of Windows 7, then disabling visual effects will help you a lot. It will depreciate the amount strain on VGA and RAM.

1. Right click” my Computer” and then select “Properties”
2. Double click “Advanced System Settings” on the left pane to open up ” System Properties ”.
3. Click on the “Advanced” button. Select performance and then” click” Settings “.Select custom option in it. 4. Now uncheck all except the last 4 only they have to remain checked.
5. Now just restart your computer so that the settings can be updated.

7. System sounds that we don’t need!

In the process of playing the sounds that you usually hear in Windows 7 system some good amount of resources are mainly exploited. So if you remove these sounds this will get you get some speed in return, and also frees some of the system resources too.

1. Open RUN From the start menu of Windows 7 and Type mmsys.cpl in the text field and press Enter.
2. In the open window select the “Sounds” tab.
3. Now after this you can select “No Sounds” from the “Sound Scheme” option, then “Apply” the changes and finally click “OK”.

8. Remove IPv6

Remove IPv6 in Windows 7 network card, if it is not necessary. If you are not using IPv6 networks inside and outside, then make a smart step by removing the IPv6 Windows 7 for enhancing the network performance.

9. Disable Unwanted Windows 7 Features

There is lot of functionality in Windows 7 that mostly does not required by the users. So disabling these features used in Windows 7 really help in increasing the speed of the system.
1. Click on the control panel and select “Programs and Features”.
2. Select “Turn Windows features on / off “in the left side of the open window.
3. Now after this un-tick all the options that you do not need in Windows 7 and then restart your computer to make setting changes effective.

10. Run Error-Checking on disks

This is another method to improve disk performance. It is to review and correct the file system or the physical disk errors in Windows 7.

1. Under tools option in disks select Error-check.
2. After error check just restart the system to make this changes working.

By following these few points you may surely increase up the performance of your computer while using window 7.

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