Michael Douglas’ recent weight loss worries doctors

It wasn’t long ago when Hollywood actor, Michael Douglas would turn the head of every woman and even some men. Now after being diagnosed with terminal throat cancer, Michael may have wished he had quit smoking.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

Following the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for throat cancer, actor Michael Douglas has reportedly lost a significant amount of weight and has been put on a high calorie diet to help him gain some of his weight back. The high calorie diet consists of organic liver, creamy pastas, and chicken soup.

The chemotherapy treatments have apparently left him very weak and doctors say he needs to put on some weight or he may not be able to recover from the treatments. Rumors have been circulating about Douglas saying he had collapsed in his New York home and was rushed to the hospital. A representative for Douglas denies the allegations.

A witness who reportedly witnessed the collapse said Douglas knew he needed to get checked out and had his driver take him to see his doctor at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It was also reported that Douglas did not tell his wife Catherine because he did not want to worry her. After being examined by his doctor he was allowed to return home.

Some risks that are related to developing throat cancer include smoking tobacco, the heavy use of alcohol, chewing betel quid, a stimulant commonly used in parts of Asia, and eating a diet low in fruits and vegetables.

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