Water Makes You Lose Weight

Water Makes You Lose Weight

Have you found yourself sitting behind a computer for too long and are now 30 pounds heavier?  Here are five easy steps to lose that unwanted weight!

Time To Diet

Time To Diet

1.  Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.  The water keeps your body hydrated and if you drink a glass before your meals, you will have a tendency to eat less food.

2.  Write down your current schedule in regards to your eating habits and exercise.  For instance, if you drink (2) 20 ounce regular sodas each day, that is on the average 242 calories for one.  By removing that one item from your diet, and replacing with a zero calorie beverage such as tea, coffee, (both without cream or sugar), or water, you would reduce your daily intake of calories by 484, and would take just over 7 days to lose one pound.  That is a very easy way to lose four pounds in one month!

3  Stay far away from fast-foods.  There are very easy and much healthier alternatives to that Big Mac, french fries, and soft drink.  Fill a large bowl with lettuce, your favorite raw vegetables, add some boiled chicken or tofu (for protein), then top with a low or no calorie dressing.

4.  Set your goals and have monthly milestones.  Without a lot of effort, those 30 pounds can disappear safely within a year.  If you are determined and make the extra efforts, you can reduce that and complete in six to nine months.

5.  Exercise!  If your schedule is tight like most,  find 20 minutes a day to get away from the computer and take a walk.  You can also do a series of stretches and exercises near your desk.  While cardiovascular exercises are usually great for most, always consult with your physician before beginning a new fitness program.

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