Sixth Sense Found In Birds

Magnetic Field lines can be visible to birds

Secrets of birds migrating skills

According to the study at University at Oxford birds’ sixth sense lies in their beaks. Their beaks have high magnetite which evaluates the Earth’s magnetic fields that helps them find the directions for the home.  But how do they realize what is the direction of their home?

After deep studies at labs in Oxford it has been identified that a compound named CPF triad(protiens) was responsible for birds senses, found in their retinas. These compound act as a compass and get charged up with blue light of dusk at the time when birds leave from their homes. When birds fly CPF produces two unjoined electrons that move in two different directions which forces these negatively charged particles to adjust, thus help fixing location for the north. Scientists from German University think thats birds have amazingly different levels of visions to see magnetic feilds of Earth.

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