10 Things To Know About The New Blackberry Playbook

10 Things To Know About The New Blackberry Playbook

The BlackBerry tablet is coming, and it looks astoundingly nice. Nicer than anybody expected it to be. Here are few points that you need to know about the Blackberry Playbook.

Playbook’s Own Operating system

As the rumor, the playbook BlackBerry is not running ‘BlackBerry 6′ but BlackBerry Tablet Operating system, which is powered by ‘QNX technology’.This is software that company RIM has bought in April month of this year, its software is applied in products from GE and Cisco, among others. OS is built on microkernel of QNX Neutrino.


Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash 10.1 in built

Works Flash & AIR, which means the Flash sites that do not run on the iPad will be easily visible in the playbook. It will be interesting to watch how Flash works in the tablet as compared to less powerful Android, where you can find performance problems. AIR, however, opens the door to the application of opportunities. It also has a WebKit browser, which should be a delightful web experience.


7 Inch Screen

It’s a seven inch tablet that has 1200*600 wide screen weighing around 0.9 pounds. Playbook is lighter and smaller than iPad, a denser pixel (i.e., the text is goanna appear cleaner & less pixel Y) on the other hand it’s a bit heavier and bigger than Samsung Galaxy.

1GB RAM & Dual-core 1GHz processor

That means it has the horse-power to multitask, output 1080p video and run high-powered apps. The 1GB of RAM is particularly important for running applications in the background, and opening multiple tabs in the web browser, as iPad owners know from opening more than a few tabs in Safari and watching them get flushed as the iPad runs out of memory.

It’s got “true” multitasking

By saying the PlayBook has “true” multitasking; RIM seems to be pointing at the fact that multitasking on the iPad is still limited in a lot of ways. Apps can’t fully run in the background on the iPad like on a full computer, they can simply perform select actions, like playback audio or finish a download in a given amount of time. The implication is that the PlayBook will let things run willy nilly in the background, more like a standard BlackBerry phone.

Dual Camera

This feature is very elegant. The rearview camera is a 5 MP shooter, while the façade is 3MP. Volver, which records video and forth, you can have video chat too.


Kindle application on the way

The tablet is more book-size than that of the IPAD, though a Kindle for reading is already on the way, Amazon maintained. We are quite excited about it.


Blackberry Stuff Integrated

This will pair the BlackBerry basic phone features, so that it can be used as a tablet to see something that is on the phone, such as calendar, email, BBM or two without synchronization. It connects to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server box, and other things.


Will Be In The Market Next Year

Specifically, RIM said it will be out in the U.S. in early 2011, with another places to get it, sometime after March. It will be launched in 3G &4G models also. RIM does not say how much it will cost yet, though when RIM likes carriers there should be some glimpse for a discount.

So finally we came to the conclusion that playbook will be much more exciting than anyone expects.

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